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To complete your oral hygiene routine, we recommend using Stilobrush on a daily basis.  You should clean your tongue every time you brush your teeth and if possible after every single meal.  Cleaning your tongue before going to bed at night, will greatly help you reduce morning breath!

Because of its gentle nature, Stilobrush will not scrape or scratch your tongue. Therefore, you can use Stilobrush as many times as you need it. we recommend using Stilobrush daily, and at least twice a day. But cleaning your tongue after every meal would be better. Or if you prefer you can use it every time you feel you breath is getting funky.

Yes, it does!  Thanks to its narrow and low profile head. But keep in mind that the more you practice tongue cleaning, the more you will get used to it. Please follow the "How to use" instructions for best results.

Yes, It can be used by children 4 years and older. Under the age of 8 adult supervision is required. Please, follow how to use instructions.

The answer is NO. The bristles of a toothbrush are meant to clean the smooth, hard surface or your teeth and not the soft texture of your tongue. Even more, the narrowed, high profile of a toothbrush triggers the gag reflex immediately. But most importantly the soft bristles over-flex, becoming highly ineffective in scrubbing away the sticky tongue’s gunk.

The Double-edge wiper blades are made of medical grade silicone.

For hygienic reasons you should replace your Stilobrush every 4 months.